Kroger recently upgraded its Community Rewards system, and as a result, we have a new Non-Profit Organization (NPO) account number (GB630). The old number will continue to be associated with our rescue, but it will not be visible when you enroll or re-enroll. You can search for us by number (GB630) or name (SEVA GREAT). Please note that it is GREAT with one R!

Previously, Kroger notified customers when it was time to re-enroll. We're not sure they are continuing that practice. In order to check that your enrollment is still active, do the following:

On the Community Rewards page, click on "View Details" under "I'm a Customer."
Sign in to your existing account. If you don't have an account, you can create one here.
Your status and chosen organization will appear.

If you are new to Kroger Community Rewards, selecting SEVA GREAT is as simple as updating the Kroger Community Rewards selection on your digital account:

Sign into your digital account.
Enter the NPO number (GB630) or name of our organization (SEVA GREAT).
Click "Save."
SEVA GREAT will display in the Kroger Community Rewards section of your account.

By simply linking SEVA GREAT to your Kroger Plus Card as your organization of choice, you'll help us with every trip to the grocery store, while spending nothing more than you already are on groceries! Ask your family and friends to choose us too.
Thank you for your continued support of SEVA GRREAT through the Kroger Community Rewards program.