We want all our dogs to find loving forever homes. Because they've spent so much time either on the streets, in the forests, or in shelters, we've had to set mandatory adoption criteria.

• We request families interested in adopting have someone who will be home most, if not all of the time. If the applicant works, then a pet walker must be hired to come in during the day to walk/exercise them. These dogs will need patience and understanding as they adjust to living in a new country and a new home. They don't understand the English language, so SEVA GRREAT will provide a Turkish to English translation sheet to all of our adopters.
• A fenced yard of at least 5ft. - no invisible fences. These dogs are used to roaming and need to be kept safe and secur.
• No children under 6 years old.
• Adopters should have experience with dogs.
• Adoptees must live in our service area which covers from Virginia Beach to West of Richmond. This area includes the Middle Peninsula and parts of the Northern Neck Area.

To submit an application to adopt, click on the Adoption Application page of the website. Normal adoption application processing will apply, and a home visit by one of our volunteers is required. There is no guarantee that you will be able to adopt one of these ‘Turkey Dogs’.


Because of the significant cost of rescuing these dogs and bringing them to America, we've established the following adoption fee.

Under 12 months of age as estimated by our veterinarian $800.00
Over 12 months of age: $600.00



In order to continue to save the Golden Retrievers in Turkey, SEVA GREAT will need your monetary support. Use our Paypal Donate button below to make a donation for our Turkey Dog mission.

We've established the following levels of sponsorships to help these dogs in desperate need of rescue.

• $500.00 (Golden Savior) will help fund the airfare costs;
• $250.00 (Golden Hero) will be used for the veterinary care of these Goldens;
• $100.00 (Golden Guardian) will help cover airline quality crate rentals to ensure safe transport, as well as collars/leashes/other supplies;
• Golden Star - A general donation in any amount is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the success of this mission.

Help us bring them to  America!!!

Istanbul’s struggle with a large population of stray animals dates back more than 100 years. Some people estimate that the number of stray dogs on the city’s streets exceeds 50,000 — not including the dogs that live in the city’s 30-plus animal shelters.

It is estimated that approximately 2,000 of these orphaned dogs are Golden Retrievers. These gentle dogs are found hiding under cars, under shrubs or in garbage dumps, foraging for food and hiding from the feral dog packs that prey on their gentle nature.  There are very few “senior” golden retrievers in Istanbul – they don’t live that long.  The picture shown above is from one of the shelters in Istanbul.

Is this how we want Goldens to live???


The ownership of purebred dogs has always been seen as a status symbol in the western parts of Istanbul. About 10 years ago, golden retrievers were the most sought after breed. They were becoming very popular in Hungary, Italy and Germany and initially, only those of means could afford to get one. When pet stores in Turkey began importing lots of puppies, more and more people purchased them and, becoming "common", they lost their standing as a status symbol and were no longer valued.

When owners could no longer take care of the dogs or when they no longer wanted them, these dogs ended up in the forests surrounding the city or on the streets, abandoned and left to fend for themselves. The most common route to life on the street was a call to the local authorities who would pick up the dog and bring it to a shelter (there are 32 in Istanbul). Once at the shelter, volunteers would take the dogs to the vets to spay or neuter the dog, administer a rabies shot, tattoo or tag the ear to show it had received this care, and then let out the door to live on the street. The most unlucky ones are those let go, either by municipal authorities or their owners, in the forests around Istanbul where they usually fall prey to the feral dog packs that roam the areas. A very few lucky ones spend years in the shelters - that is as good as their life will ever get.


A concerned American living in Istanbul saw these roaming dogs and contacted Adopt-A-Golden Atlanta asking for help. After an exhaustive four month process, the first 36 Goldens set foot on American soil In May 2015.

Since that time, 30 Golden Retriever Rescues from across the US and even Canada have teamed to bring over 500 Goldens to a better life in the US. Across the country, purebred Goldens surrendered to rescue groups have dwindled, but adoptees willing to open up their homes and their hearts for this wonderful breed has not declined. The National Rescue Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America supports this rescue effort, as there are no Golden Retrievers being put at risk in the United States because of this rescue. Almost all of the 95 Golden Retriever rescue groups across the country have waiting lists of approved applicants waiting to adopt. No local Goldens needing help are turned away, and SEVA GRREAT is excited to join the “Turkey Dog” rescue this summer.